Monday, August 20, 2007


Hi everyone

bad blogger again.

Well I have been laid low by first the flu then pneumonia for 3 weeks.

I have had no work so that was good as I have not been able to do much of anything lately.

The girls have just had the ears and throat thing going all the time but thank goodness nothing like what I had.

I took Maddison to the ENT about her whole in her ear that she perforated in May and it still hasn't healed, so she has to have full water precautions to keep her ear dry and then back to the specialist in November.

Taylah has been having more Bob problems and I am off to see the teacher in the morning.

got a call from Merewether High School this afternoon about coming to work in the office in September. She asked whether I had worked in an school office before and I said no but if it was alright with her could I come and do some volunteer work there to see if they thought I was suitable. So I am going there on Monday and Tuesday or whenever they want me to and hopefully I will get the 7 days work in september.


To get a new website or not or a redevelopment or not.

they say all these things and offer all these things, it makes it so confusing and it is lots of money that I don't have.

Jode has had to step down from her DT position because of her new principals job. I will miss her input and will love to have her back when she is ready. Good Luck Jode.

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