Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photoshop Tips

I found these tips whilst looking for photoshop brushes to download and thought it might be useful.

15 Photoshop Tips that you may not have known

1. Increase the Canvas Size with Crop Tool:
We usually use Crop Tool (C) the images, but holding down Ctrl + Alt whilst dragging the Crop Tool to quickly increase the canvas size of a image from all the 4 sides.

2. Duplicate a Layer Style:
To quickly duplicate or to copy and paste a layer style to a object on another layer,just hold down Alt key and drag on the "fx" which indicates layer styles. Alternatively if you just want to move a layer style just drag the "fx" and drop the layer where you want it to move.

3. Toggle between several open documents:
If you have more than one documents open at same time, you can quickly toggle through them pressing Ctrl + Tab keys.

4. Layer Visibility:
To hide all the layers except just one, hold down Alt key and click on the Eye Icon on the Layer Palette, this will hide all the other layer. To again make all the layers visible just do the same.

5. Select Alternative Layers:
Now, I am sure you might know that selecting a layer and then clicking on some other layer whilst holding down Shift Key selects all the consecutive layers between them, BUT if you just want to select say Layer 1 and Layer 3 and maybe just Layer 6, then just hold down Ctrl key and click on the layer which you want to select in the Layer Palette, this way only the alternative layers (i.e only the layers that you want) will be selected.

6. See The Text Color:
When you’re working with type, the obvious way to change color is to highlight the text and then pick a new hue by double-clicking the Foreground Color and choosing from the Color Picker. But the problem with this method is, because the text is highlighted, you can’t see the color change. To get around this, click the color square in the Options Bar. As you change the color, you’ll see the type alter accordingly.

7. Plotting Points on Curves:
Curves can play a great role on perfecting the tones in a image, and you can end up with a lot of different effects simply by playing about with the Curves dialog. You can plot the specific color(s), just open up dialog box and hold down Ctrl key and click on any color in your image, a point will appear on the curve that represents the color, ready for you to edit.

8. Reset Any Dialogue Box:
You can easily Reset any open dialogue box, press Alt key and click on Cancel button which has automatically become a Reset button when you pressed the Alt key.

9. Centre Point of a Document:
A quick trick for finding the centre of an object is to Go to Edit>Free Transform and you’ll see a bounding box appear. There’s a useful handle in the centre of the top, bottom and side lines, so go to View>Rulers and then pull out to those guides. Alternatively you can use the following Photoshop Action I have made especially to locate the guides to the centre point of the document.

10. Do away with Palettes, Toolbox and Option Bar:
Hit the Tab key and all the Palettes, Toolbox and Option Bar will disappear. This is particularly useful when you just want the image to be on the artboard, hit Tab again to get them all back. Alternatively, if you just want to do away with only Palettes hold down Shift key and hit Tab.

11. Image on a Specific Angle:
If you ever want to get an image to follow a specific angle, with your image open, go to the Measure Tool (I) and click and drag a line to the angle you want. Now go to the Edit menu select Transform>Rotate. The layer will then snap to the line you drew.
Note:Remember that your layer should not be locked.

12. Add, Rename or Delete a Swatch:
Right click on a swatch in Swatch Palette to quickly create a new Swatch or rename it or delete it. Another tip to quickly delete a swatch.
Hold down Alt key and notice how the cursor changes into Scissor icon allowing you to delete a swatch.
Same is true for Brush, Style Palette etc.

13. Move and Transform Selection:
Drag on the document with the Marquee Tool (M) without releasing the mouse, hold down Spacebar, it will let you move the selection anywhere you like.

Also, you can transform a Selection by choosing Select>Transform Selection.

14. Scale Layer Style/Effects:
If you apply a layer style to a object and are picky like me to have it only this much or just that much, worry not, you can easily adjust how much of a layer style to be applied by Right clicking on Layer Style icons (fx) and choosing Scale Effect, in the corresponding dialogue box you can easily scale effects by moving the slider.

15. Open a Layered File as a Flattened Image:
If you want to just have a quick look at the file, it can be a time consuming task waiting for all the layers to load, if your file has lots of layers. But there is a nifty trick to turn it around, Go to File>Open and find the layered file you want. Before clicking Open, hold down Shift+Alt and Photoshop will open a flattened version of that file.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get Ready for Christmas

Mark your calendar now, you dont want to miss this!!!
12 days of scrapping and creating goodness - heaps of ideas for gifts and cards and making your home look festive for the Christmas season.

Register here today!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jen Hall's Sneak Peak

Hi ladies

Here is a sneak for what is to come in Jen Hall's class for this Saturday commencing at 10 am and using the fantastic Cosmo Cricket Earth Love papers. The below shows you a sneak of 2 different layouts that you will be making on the day.

You will be required to provide one 6x4 photo in landscape orientation for one layout and 5x7 in landscape orientation for the other layout. Plus your usual scrapping supplies and Jen will provide the ink and border punch!!

If you wish to purchase a spot in this class or the kit you can do so by clicking here.

If you have any questions please let me know.

The raffle tickets will be $2.00 per ticket or 3 for $5.00 and will be sold throughout the morning.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fundraiser Update

Not long to go now till the fundraiser and you get time to yourself to scrap and chat LOL
Here is one page from Marion Werren's beautiful class.

Extra requirements not provided in the kit -

Adhesive: Foam Mounting Tape.
EMBELLISHMENTS: Pearls: Red & Green, Rhinestones: Red & Green. Ribbon: 1metre of any ribbon of choice to tie up your album, (I used a 1” wide striped organza), Pen: Black for journaling
PHOTOS: 4” x 6” Portrait Colour (4), 4” x 6” Landscape Colour (2), 2 ¼” x 3 ½” Landscape Colour (1) for the front of the house.

sneak peak of one other page.

We will also be having in the shop on the day some Mystery Diva Paper & Flower Packs ranging in price from $2.00 to $15.00. The flower packs are jammed packed with all sorts of flowers and the paper packs have matching papers with embellishments. It will be like a lucky dip and you won't actually know what you have received until you unwrap your parcel.

So make sure you sign up for the classes and the kits as soon as possible.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Scrapbook Divas and Girls Night In October Fundraiser

Well ladies the Fundraiser is not that far away so I thought that I would try and give you an update on the progress.

When: Saturday 24th October 2009

Where: Edgeworth Bowling Club,


Time: 9am to 9pm

We will be holding 2 classes during the 12 hours.

These will cost $12.00 for each class and the whole of proceeds from the classes will be donated to the Gilrs Night In. The kits for both classes will be $25.00 per kit or the 2 kits for $45.00.

These will be available soon in the Divas shop or on the day. If you wish to purchase the class and kits now you can by going here. Once Marion and Jen have done their samples I will post sneaks and I will also post a copy of the kit when I get them.

The first class will be with Jen Hall from 10am to 12pm using the Cosmo Cricket Earth Love papers and during this time she will be m
aking 2 layouts. Further details will be coming soon as well as the kit to complete this class. To view Jen Hall's work you can check out her blog.

The second class will be with Marion Werren from 2pm to 4pm. Marion is planning a Christmas project that I am sure will be stunning. She will be using the Bo Bunny St Nick and Tis The Season ranges. Further details will be comin
g soon as well as the kit to complete this class. To view Marion's work you can check out her blog.

We will also be conducting a raffle with all the proceeds going
to the Girls Night In.

The major prize for this raffle will be the Making Memories Limited Edition Pink Slice with a RRP of $416.90. This comes

with the Starter Kit and the bonus Think Pink Design Card.

Another prize will be 4 x $10 gift vouchers from my friend Kim Archer from Kim Archer Workshops at Home

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me at

Friday, October 02, 2009

World Card Making Day

Yes it's world card making day this Saturday, 3rd October.

Card making apparently goes back to ancient Chinese times ... and today there at least 1 in 6 American households that participate in card making and over 80% of scrapbookers are also card makers.

So join the SCRAPBOOK DIVAS girls this w/end for some quick and easy card making challenges ... and there are RAK's up for grabs.

Check out the forum here for all the information.

Diva Rach has already whipped up a sample for us ... here's a sneek to whet your appetite.