Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Just a quick post.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. My Birthday today 40 something will do. DH went to sydney to take DD and DGD(granddaugther) to catch the train to go home to Batemans Bay. Thanks for spending my birthday with me and your other children. Not happy Jan. Daycare xmas party this arvo so he better get back.

Have spent the morning putting up the tree and the girls did a beautiful job and cleaning the scrap shed and my mum and dad paid me a visit.

have a good week.

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Does anyone ever feel like no one cares about their birthday. especially their husband and their children. My husband has not set a very good example for his children. I thought that birthdays were suppose to be special. I don't know I just feel unappreciated today. Why is it that I still have to do everything even on my birthday as well as get out the cake and candles. I was really lucky to get that. I am going to change my birthday to the 10th June from now on as I am sick and tired of hearing "I don't have time to get you anything", "I am too busy at work", I have to do this I have to do that, it is too close to xmas. I am done with it all and I have hardly spoken to my husband today who started off our morning with me hearing the alarm go off and asking him was he awake. Of course I'm awake what do you reckon. Well sorry for asking. Happy Birthday you cranky bitch. and that has been how it has gone all day. I still even had to decide about dinner. got the kids macca's but didn't have any chicken ceasar rolls, so I had to come home and get a frozen meal out the fridge and eat by myself.
he put up the xmas lights and is now probably going to go to bed cause he is tired from his big day driving to sydney and back. poor thing. Yes I am not happy and very sad as I feel that your birthday should be special and you should at least do something special on the day or spend it with the people you love instead of arguing or fighting, even our anniversay of 15 years has passed by without us doing anything as a couple. doesn't say much for our relationship at the moment and quiet frankly I am sick of this at this time of the year. I always say I am going to be more organised and I never am. We are all too busy to even notice each other or sit down and have some quiet time together. That makes me really sad. I read today on Janelle Winds blog this quote: "Only focus on today what you need to have done for tomorrow".


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Anonymous said...

Divorce him them!!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I'm so sorry that you had to spend your birthday like that. It's no excuse, but it is a busy time of the year, but your DH should still MAKE the time to make your day special. Even if he bought you a cup of coffee in the morning before he left for Sydney, and organised some takeway for the night, that would be a huge deal (for me anyway) and would surely earn him some brownie points.
I never get a cake on my b'day...
Chin up, and focus on the good things. xx Donna

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Michelle
Happy Birthday to you !!!!

Hope that helps a little ??!!


Scrap artist, thats what I am...... said...

Life sucks, I know how you are feeling.
Go and do some scrapping, thats bound to make you feel a little better.
Sometimes its good to write your feelings down, I hope you are feeling better today!
Much Love

Scrap artist, thats what I am...... said...

How you feeling Michelle?

mishell said...

sorry your birthday was a let down Michelle:( He needs a good kick up the pants :)

Hope things are netter fro you this weEK :)
Big hugs