Wednesday, July 25, 2007

For My records

I know I have been a bad blogger so this next post is going to be long and for my records.

So my 2 girls have been to the dentist and will have to have major orthodontic work in the future. Maddison has her 4 back teeth that are basically rotten. She went into hospital on Wednesday 6th June and had her 2 bottom teeth extracted and her two top ones filled. Don't know how long they will last.
She has to be done as an emergency case as she got an abcess on one of the teeth. She was so good. She has never been to hospital before and she was very scared when she was lying on the bed and they were giving her the anaesthetic. she started to cry and took a little while to go off to sleep. She was also very distressed when she came out to recovery and Aunty Bronwyn was not there to help as she was on her big trip to the NT. but she rang the hospital about 3 times to make sure we were ok. they gave her a shot of something to calm her down and she just slept and slept. which was good. she even slept a little bit more when we got home. she had a little vomit but survived.
Taylah was told that her 6 year old molars which are permanent teeth were totally rotten as well and obviously had not much enamel on them and they would have to be removed. I was shocked and dumbfounded that both my girls had such bad teeth. Felt terrible.
Taylah had to go and have xrays and then see an orthodontits Dr Kozy. When we saw him he was talking about expanders for her top jaw. her top jaw is not big enough for all her teeth. he wouldn't tell me anything about expanders. "wait till our next appointment". I wasn't very happy about this cause I didn't know what to expect. He said also that under no circumstances was she to have the molars removed because they need the back teeth to attach the expanders.
So she went back to the orthodontist on 16th July and he said that she wouldn't have to have any treatment till the end of 2008. fantastic. will have to start saving.
She went into hospital on Wednesday 18th and had all 4 teeth filled and one in the front knocked so much so that that was all she complained about, this tooth hanging. As Greg was away playing golf in Bonville, mummy had to pull the tooth out. One tug and it was out and she was so happy and of course the tooth fairy got to come again.

So she had Wednesday and Thursday off school and spent 2 hours at school on Friday and then had a pain in her stomach. (maybe).

Anyway my sister Bronwyn and her family set off at the beginning of June in their campervan to the NT. They had a fantastic time and were away for over 4 weeks, came back the first week of the school holidays and then the kids went back the first week, which was last week I think both the kids had a day off sick. then we had a scrapping weekend here at my place this weekend and my kids went to her place to stay the night and then she rang me on Monday morning and said the 2 kids were throwing up, high temps and headaches. Oh no!!!!! I thought. Then she rang at 2 o'clock and said she was taking Emily to the hospital. Suspected meningicocol. Oh no!!!!!!!!. Anyway she is fine and came home today but Chloe is also sick with high temps and both bronwyn and david and the kids are having the rest of the week off.