Friday, January 08, 2010

Divas Scrap Room Organisation Tips and Hints Week 1


Welcome everyone to a weekly post of hopefully some useful and fun information to get you started on organising your scrapping area whether it be a room, desk or the dining room table.

Lots of people including myself have said that this year is the year for Organising. So I thought I would help you and myself and hopefully we will get organised together.

Probably the first thing everyone needs to do is to PURGE, THROW OUT, GET RID OF, DONATE, CULL whatever you would like to call it before you start. Let go of those items that you have had for years and still have not used. If you want you can go to the forum and participate in our hot potato swap cause as the saying goes someone's trash is someone else's treasures.

Tonight I sat down to scrap and couldn't find anything that I wanted. You don't have to do everything all at once but start with little baby steps.

So this first week is about looking at your scrap space as a whole.

So what I would like you to do is whilst you are scrapping this week, have a pen and notepad beside you and write down at every step whilst completing your layout or project how your supplies are helping or hindering your scrapping process.
for example So where are your photos, do you have to go look for them!!!!. Your journalling tags, pens, inks, stamps etc. does it take you half an hour to find your scissors or tape.
you should go through all your supplies and take note of whether they are easy to find. Hopefully you will see a trend in what supplies and storage works well for you. Maybe you have them labelled clearly, they are close to your scrapping desk, they are in vertical files. Then you can start to apply the things that work for you to the things that are not working so good.

Like I said earlier I couldn't find anything tonight when I sat down. LOL

So firstly I would like you to post your list of what works and what is not working for you here in the comments section or in the forum under week 1.
I would also like you to take a photo of your scrap space now as it is. Don't worry about what it looks like but hopefully at the end you will see the transformation. And post it either in the comments or in the forum.

I would also like you to during the week to close your eyes and visualise your dream room and think about the things that are not working for you in your room and how or what you would like to do to make that easier and better. For example at the moment I have all my patterned paper and cardstock in vertical paper storers in my crop tote under my roll top desk in my scrap room. So in my dream space I would like to have paper racks where my roll top desk is with all my patterned papers and cardstock within easy reach of my scrapping area. Jot down the possibilities as you go through each of the problem areas on your list.
Because when we get to paper storage you will have an idea of what you would like and I will be giving you hopefully more suggestions and ideas as well. So by jotting down the ideas as you go you will be well on your way to an organised scraproom.

What Works.

1. Photos - I print as I want photos to scrap plus my photos are stored in a box

2. Magazines are in magazine holders and I have made some of my own with cereal boxes.

3. acrylic stamps stored in a A4 folder in plastic sleeves but this is not ideal

What needs help

1. Paper storage - it is in colours but is not accessible

2. Tools - this only needs a little help as it is accessible just needs some further organisation

3. Photos are stored in a box but in no particular order

4. embellishments are in need of a total overhaul. they are currently stored in clip lock bags

5. Ribbon is stored in clip lock bags in my tote

6. stickers stored in a clip lock bag in my tote

7. stamps stored in a box still in their packages.

Scrap room photos before I started this morning......

And yes that looks disgusting doesn't it.
so come on and enjoy the ride. I started cleaning out this morning and it feels great.


Natalie said...

I am semi organised but there is always something I can't find. Thanks for sharing this Michelle.

Stampin Mindy said...

I just cleaned out my stamp room a few months ago I'm going to redo it again You can see pictures on my blog look on my archive at craft room. I'll try to get new pics next week. Love your space your room is big!

PS I have blog candy on my blog :)

Hampers said...

There are so many things to get organized - it is so relieving to throw it out without the feeling of guilt for letting it go.
Great Advice Guys...