Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well the sale went well. Thankyou to everyone that bought and all those that spent over $30.00 will go into the draw for 20 Diva Dollars as Diva shopper of the month.

Arriving next week is the new BASIC GREY patterened papers. There will be only limited stock so make sure you come and check them out.

Well more dramas today with Taylah. Went to school everything was fine. Did my two hours and then spoke with the other teachers aide only to find that there is no program for the boy that I am aiding. A big shock to me. I think I will need to speak to one of the other teachers about getting some aids etc. Home for about an hour a customer came and picked up her order and the phone rang. It was the school and Taylah is not feeling very well and cannot continue in class this afternoon. Ok I will come and pick her up.
got the sick note to sign her out and went to the teacher and she was fuming (but in a nice way). Bob has been off nearly all week and little did I know that she had just gone home sick as well. Funny that. Mrs Oliver taylah's teacher said no she was not sick and that she shouldn't go home. I stayed in the class and mrs oliver spoke with taylah but she was crying and said she didn't feel well and wanted to go home.

What I am going to do. I can't write anymore cause I am too upset. Will be back later.


Julie said...

Hi Michelle.
Sounds like you are having a really tough time.
I know this sounds extreme ... but, have you considered changing schools??
Keep your chin up, hope things sort out.

Carol Dillon said...

Michelle I really feel for you. And I was going to suggest the same thing as Julie. I would be a huge thing to do but maybe telling Taylah that is what you are thinking of doing and why and it might help sort things out a bit!
Hope you have a good day
Carol :-)

Jode said...

And me too...I am thinking the same thing.
As a teacher and a Mum of a little girl (+3boys) that would be my next plan of action.