Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's happening

Well lots have been happening since my last post.

New website, my baby went off to school and I am still looking for a part time job.


Well the website is working just fantastically and I would like to thank Greg for all his help and patience.

To kick off the new website we are having some competitions and sales and introducing Vicky Crawford from Victoria who is the first member of the Divas Design Team. Welcome aboard Vicky. You can check out her blog in my side bar.

35% off all christmas products and 30% off patterned paper.

Enter our layout competition for February with the theme of LOVE and be in the running for 25 Diva Dollars and THE DIVA SHOPPER of the month, just spend $30.00 or more in the month of February and you will go in the draw to win 20 Diva Dollars.

All information can be found on the site.

Also we want more people to come and visit our forum and gallery so pop on over and come and say hi.

My baby girl Maddison went off to school last week and she loves it.

She is just so much more confident than her sister and that is another story. Maddison won her first award on Monday at the first school assembly and came out with a smile from ear to ear. Taylah is a different story. She has a friend we will call BOB and she is so dependent on Bob that I am very worried. She also had another friend and last year they formed a "cool girls team" but if you wanted to play with someone else or doing anything else that they didn't want to do then you would not be a part of the "team". she also was being told "I am more beautiful than you".

This is Taylah last year not exactly the ugly duckling. so Bill is in her class and the other girl is not but she is just so clingy to Bill that I need to do something about it. So I went and saw the teacher yesterday who is new to the school and she was very glad that I came to see her. I just want taylah to be less dependent on her and be able to do what she wants without fearing that Bill is not going to be her friend. They were also sitting together in class and I asked that they be moved. The teacher told me she was going to implement a social skills course for the class which I thought was fantastic. she said that she will keep an eye on things. I felt pretty good about it all until taylah came home from school yesterday. "mum you told Mrs Oliver that I couldn't play with Bill anymore" and "mrs Oliver told me I wasn't allowed to play with Bill anymore". So that just sent me into more turmoil. She put on a tantrum this morning before going to school and I smacked her on the bare leg and left a mark and I spoke briefly with the teacher this morning about what she had said and she said Oh no, that she would have a talk to her about it. so I don't know what the outcome of that was today, but I have been feeling not very good about myself today, especially after smacking her and seeing her standing in her line at school and not even looking at Bill and I have not heard about a job as a Chiropractic Assistant that I think would be fantastic that I applied for and went to an information night on Monday night.

So all in all today has been crappy. Hope tomorrow brings some good news.