Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Gosh 2 posts in one day.

Urban Lily is being sold at Spotlight. I have just seen the catalogue and my sister was there this afternoon and rang me from the store.

What do you think????


Vicky said...

I saw that just the other day, I think its admirable for a Australian , they have actually busted into main stream stores like Spotlight, now they just need in infultrate Lincraft, and who knows maybe Myer might be next????
However this may see the start of some change for the on-line stores, if its in the catelog, then some customers might just turn their back on the on -line store and start shopping at Spoylight. Its a worry.

Julie said...

Hi Michelle.
I was at Spotlight Newcastle yesterday and seen the Urban Lilly range ... was quite surprised.
I actually think it is a little disappointing to sell speciality lines in big dept stores but i guess the owners/designers of these speciality lines are pretty pleased from a business point of view.
In view of that, i think scrapbook stores/online stores etc will have to think twice about carrying these products ??!!

Karen said...

Hi Michelle

I wasn't aware of it until Julie mentioned it the other day, we were discussing it and I agree with her. I have an account with them but have decided at this stage not to purchase any supplies as I feel Urban Lilly have made it very hard to compete selling their supplies in the current market by doing what they have done.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Vicky.Good on them for making into major department stores.But hey did you see how much it is, it's about $1.60 a sheet. No die hard scrapper is going to pay that much.