Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Website update 3

Well after I did the last post things went slowly down hill from there. After spending hours of my time trying to look for the answers to my questions on the oscommerce website I was just about to chuck the computer out the window.
I sent Greg the programmer message after message about fixing certain things as I don't know anything about PHP or mysql and that is how you have to fix most things in oscommerce not through the admin area. I was getting so frustrated with the whole thing and I told Greg how frustrated I was at the whole thing and wish that I had more knowledge about PHP so that I could do the fixes myself. When we were looking at putting Zen cart in I found this to be more user friendly and things could be fixed in the admin area which I could do without bothering Greg. So I told Greg this and the email came back would you prefer to install Zen cart. I couldn't believe it. After all the hours that he had put in I couldn't ask him to do this. But he did and wow what a difference.
He didn't think at first he would be able to import all the customers and products over due to the errors from the old cart but he tried and this morning I have an operational shopping cart. I spoke with Greg last night and he was stoaked that it was so much easier than oscommerce. I felt so much better when he said that as he has been working through the nights on this and going to work during the day.
So this morning I have been testing everything and everything seems GREAT.
I feel 100% better know and there is light at the end of the tunnel. And there have only been a couple of things that I have been unable to fix myself. So I am happy about that.

So shouln't be too much longer.