Sunday, January 14, 2007

Website update no 2

Well earlier this morning I thought I was going to chuck it all in and I think my programmer Greg was ready to do it too. I don't know how to thank him enough for what he is doing.
Anyway thought we would have to manually upload 700 odd products and hundreds of customers but he saved the day and now we are in the testing mode. Just realised at 10.30 pm at night that there are no prices on the products so can't test the shopping cart etc. sitting here waiting. so hopefully won't be too much longer.

hope you all had a good weekend.


Julie said...

Hang in there Michelle ... it will all be worth it in the end!
Hope things go smoothly from here for you.
As they say "these things are sent to test us" !#*?!
It is just that some are more testing than others !!!

Vicky you know the crap artist, opps I mean scrap artist!.. said...

My Uncle used to say" these things are sent to test us, and piss us off!" lol
Its looking really good Michelle, like wise Julie just said
hang in there, there are going to be some exciting times ahead. Your doing a great job keeping all this together
Get that wonderful programmer of yours to add him name somewhere on the front page, so we all know who to turn to when we need help with our comps and stuff.
That might even send some business his way?
I just cant wait to do my 1st shop in the new store!
And start chatting in the forum..