Thursday, January 25, 2007

Website update 5

Well hopefully I am only hours away from reopening. the last 3 days have been frustrating trying to get one thing done that I thought was simple but it is very important for security of the site. Dealing with people in other countries can be frustrating and the red tape that I have gone through and the emails and phone calls had me at breaking point today. I have sat up the last couple of nights till midnight waiting for replys only to be told that the information was still not correct. At 3pm this afternoon it was finally fixed. I have been looking after my 2 nieces plus my two girls today and I am sure when they are arrived they wanted to go somewhere else cause I was not in the mood for anyone or anything.
But now I feel like we may get back online tonight or tomorrow morning. so thankyou for hanging in there with me and remind me that I am not going to do this again for quiet some time.