Monday, December 10, 2007

My Birthday Again

I am just recording this for myself.
Seems like I should just copy and paste from last year.
Why do I feel that nobody cares about my birthday. My kids had to be reminded. Taylah is still behaving badly and so am I. DH bought the wrong coloured jewellry even though I gave him a picture of what I would have liked. I have never worn silver in my life and I got silver jewellry because that was the picture I gave him.
My best friend from Sydney hasn't called.
My friend Karen took me to morning tea this morning after I had a melt down with Taylah and after going on about how bad my life was, she told me she is having a biopsy on a lump she found in her breast. 39, 3 kids, partner, 9,7, and 8 months.
no cake as I had a job information evening to go to. but DH got home at 6.45pm but still no cake

Do I expect too much from people.
I remember everyones birthday, I might not send a card but I give them a call.
I always give to everyone else and feel so upset when I don't get anything in return even from my own family.

I feel I am a bad mother, nothing has changed with Taylah's behaviour and it seems to be worse. I think I have to change my attitude. we clash about everything, we fight about everything, I yell about everything. I need to do something about it.

have so much other stuff going on doing too many things at the one time but they need to be done.
looking for a job
running divas is a full time job
decluttering my house to see if I can be more organised and less stressed.
paperwork and getting our tax ready.
organising the paperwork
organising the girls rooms
organising the main bedroom
getting the new room built
planning for what to do next year on Divas
getting a new website
organising the retreat.

anyway just for my records I have done more crying today and was only thinking about how much I need someone that I can just call and say "hey do you want to go and have a coffee" right now, a girlfriend that can help me out when I need it, a friend that will listen, I don't know just someone. I have never really had a real friend that I can tell everything to and that is one of the things I wish for my girls. to have that someone.

I am going to try and blog every week starting in the new year.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Well not much happening in the Thomas household. DH has been sick with the flu for the last couple of days but overall we have been ok.

I am going to Merewether High from Wednesday to work in the office for 7 days full time. OMG that is going to kill me.

Lots happening at the Divas shop and I am going to try and keep things up to date on my blog.

Anyway the first thing is the new online class that is going to be held by Diva Rachel on Tuesday night.
Even though it is too late to get the class kit out, there are class spots available for $5.00.

Just click here.


You will have to be quick for this.

Also spend over $30.00 in the month of September and be in the running to win an Autumn Leaves paper pack.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Hi everyone

bad blogger again.

Well I have been laid low by first the flu then pneumonia for 3 weeks.

I have had no work so that was good as I have not been able to do much of anything lately.

The girls have just had the ears and throat thing going all the time but thank goodness nothing like what I had.

I took Maddison to the ENT about her whole in her ear that she perforated in May and it still hasn't healed, so she has to have full water precautions to keep her ear dry and then back to the specialist in November.

Taylah has been having more Bob problems and I am off to see the teacher in the morning.

got a call from Merewether High School this afternoon about coming to work in the office in September. She asked whether I had worked in an school office before and I said no but if it was alright with her could I come and do some volunteer work there to see if they thought I was suitable. So I am going there on Monday and Tuesday or whenever they want me to and hopefully I will get the 7 days work in september.


To get a new website or not or a redevelopment or not.

they say all these things and offer all these things, it makes it so confusing and it is lots of money that I don't have.

Jode has had to step down from her DT position because of her new principals job. I will miss her input and will love to have her back when she is ready. Good Luck Jode.

New stuff in store plus a 20-30% off lots of items SALE

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have been tagged by the lovely vicky. This the first time that I have done this so will see how I go.

A-Z's of Me

A- Age: 44
B - Bed size - Queen
C - Chore you hate - all housework
D - Dessert you love - Lemon meringue pie
E - Eggs, favourite kind - fried and sloppy
F - Favourite actor/s- Mel Gibson
G - Gold or Silver - Gold
H - Height - 5 ft nothing
I- Instruments you play - none
J - Job title - Head Diva, SAHM, unemployed
K - Kid/s - 2 girls
L - Living Arrangements - DH, two kids, single storey 3 bedroom house and cat
M - Mum's name - nancy
N- Nicknames - Shell Bell, Shelly
O - Overnigh Hospital stay other than giving birth: at about 32 weeks pregnant with Maddison I had severe abdominal pains and they thought I either had appendisitis or gall bladder, but then they said I probably just had a virus and then I had chest pains and had to have all the heart tests as well but put it down to a virus.
P-Phobia - hate spiders
Q - Quotes - don't know
R - Right orleft handed - right handed
S - Siblings 2 younger sister and a brother
T - Temper - yes thanks
U - Unique habit - don't know
V - Vegetable you hate - peas but I still eat them
W -worst habit - shouting at my kids (that is not a habit that is wrong)
X - Xrays you've had - arm, foot, chest
Y - Yummy food you make - can't cook
Z - Zodiac Sign - Sagutarius

I tag Donna and Jode and anyone else that might come by.

June Storm

Well you have all read about the June storms on the long weekend in Newcastle and I just wanted to record it so that I will have it.

Friday 8th June - it was a terrible day and maddison had just been in hospital and this was her first day at school since tuesday and my first day at work as well. Taylah woke up complaining that she didn't feel very well, the weather was atrocious already outside and freezing cold. Taylah wanted to come home with me at 11 when I finished work and I said that I would see. Anyway when I had finished the weather hadn't got any better so decided to take both of them home to the warmth and safety.
We left school and went to Warners Bay to get some milk and bread and they were already blacked out. I still didn't realise the severity of what was to come. Daddy came home at lunch time which was about 12.30 and I still didn't realise how bad the weather was. we had a terrific storm and it hailed and was windy. the rain was so bad our garage flooded and I had to make sure that the scrapbooking stuff that I store there was not getting damaged.
Greg went back to work and just went down the road and said the road is flooded and a car is stuck in there. Still didn't really realise what was to come.
So the girls and I pottered around the rest of the arvo, I got tea ready and still hadn't had the radio or tv on to see any news. It wasn't until my neighbour Paul rang and said is everything ok. I said yes why?. He said because Greg is not home and I said yes but he doesn't normally get home till 7.30 and my neighbour said Michelle the area is flooded, Cardiff is flooded and he probably can't get home. By this time there was no mobile service but I managed to get a text message to him to at least know that he was ok. But it was still another hour or so before he actually made it home.
Mum and dad were in Noosa and bronwyn and David were in NT.
That night still didn't realise how bad things were.
Went to bed and Taylah came in about 11.45 and said it was too noisy in her bed and because I had been up with maddison during the week because of her teeth I was really not in the mood. So she jumped into our bed and I went out to her bed. I would never have forgiven myself if a tree had fallen on the back of the house. Anyway I went to her bed and because I was so tired I was dead to the world until Greg came in with a torch in my face. I thought I had forgotten to put the alarm on for him to get up to go to work. No stupid we are in the middle of a cyclone. We had lost power.I jumped up and then could hear the noise. the kids were ok and asleep. how I don't know because the noise and the branches hitting the house was very scary. anyway I looked out the window and could see my neighbours with their torches looking out as well. I saw things flying across the sky and heard the branches hitting the house and roof. All we could do is get the kids and went into our bed and layed there and prayed that we did not get a tree through our house. we were so lucky compared to so many other people in our area and newcastle.
We awoke to no power and the funniest thing was trying to find a. batteries and b. a radio which was our only communication to the world. Then all I could think of was my sisters house in the bush at wallsend, surrounded by trees. we didn't want to drive anywhere as we were being told to stay put. but I needed to go and check their place and mum and dads'. rang my brother Paul who is in Thornton near Maitland and they didn't even realise how bad things were. My brother said that he would go and check out Bronwyn's place as he had to go to his FIL just down the rode. So thank goodness there were trees down at bronwyn's but none on the house. I wasn't looking forward to ringing them on their first week of their 5 week adventure to tell them they would have to come home as there was a tree through their house. Greg and I and the kids went to mums and couldn't get in as there was a tree down at the beginning of their street. but we parked and walked down to their place and everything was alright there too thank goodness. we were all so lucky.
No power till sunday lunchtime, we had fun on saturday night the kids thougth it was great. we all slept in the one bed and there was a few nights after that in the coming weeks that we did this because I did not want Taylah out in the back room.
thank goodness for the radio.
Mum and Dad were worried and so was Bronwyn but we reassured them that everything was fine. I am sure that they thought we were just covering it up.

Anyway the kids couldn't go to school till Wednesday and my sisters kids school didn't go back till Thursday I think it was.
The Pasha bulker landed on Nobby's Beach. What a site it was. I took the kids in. we parked in the main part of newcastle and then walked. I didn't care, i wasn't going to miss this opportunity. but my husband thought we were crazy and shouldn't be doing site seeing. Yeah right. My brother went in to town on the Friday night of the storm, how he didn't get caught.
cars floating down the main street of newcastle, warners bay and wallsend. Part of wallsend shopping centre was wiped out. I have never seen such devastation. we went down to warners bay foreshore and the water was nearly up to the road, couldn't see the walkway or the jetty. it was a mess.
But we survived and thank goodness we did. Lots of people are still having trouble and not back in their homes.

getting RSI now will have to stop till tomorrow

For My records

I know I have been a bad blogger so this next post is going to be long and for my records.

So my 2 girls have been to the dentist and will have to have major orthodontic work in the future. Maddison has her 4 back teeth that are basically rotten. She went into hospital on Wednesday 6th June and had her 2 bottom teeth extracted and her two top ones filled. Don't know how long they will last.
She has to be done as an emergency case as she got an abcess on one of the teeth. She was so good. She has never been to hospital before and she was very scared when she was lying on the bed and they were giving her the anaesthetic. she started to cry and took a little while to go off to sleep. She was also very distressed when she came out to recovery and Aunty Bronwyn was not there to help as she was on her big trip to the NT. but she rang the hospital about 3 times to make sure we were ok. they gave her a shot of something to calm her down and she just slept and slept. which was good. she even slept a little bit more when we got home. she had a little vomit but survived.
Taylah was told that her 6 year old molars which are permanent teeth were totally rotten as well and obviously had not much enamel on them and they would have to be removed. I was shocked and dumbfounded that both my girls had such bad teeth. Felt terrible.
Taylah had to go and have xrays and then see an orthodontits Dr Kozy. When we saw him he was talking about expanders for her top jaw. her top jaw is not big enough for all her teeth. he wouldn't tell me anything about expanders. "wait till our next appointment". I wasn't very happy about this cause I didn't know what to expect. He said also that under no circumstances was she to have the molars removed because they need the back teeth to attach the expanders.
So she went back to the orthodontist on 16th July and he said that she wouldn't have to have any treatment till the end of 2008. fantastic. will have to start saving.
She went into hospital on Wednesday 18th and had all 4 teeth filled and one in the front knocked so much so that that was all she complained about, this tooth hanging. As Greg was away playing golf in Bonville, mummy had to pull the tooth out. One tug and it was out and she was so happy and of course the tooth fairy got to come again.

So she had Wednesday and Thursday off school and spent 2 hours at school on Friday and then had a pain in her stomach. (maybe).

Anyway my sister Bronwyn and her family set off at the beginning of June in their campervan to the NT. They had a fantastic time and were away for over 4 weeks, came back the first week of the school holidays and then the kids went back the first week, which was last week I think both the kids had a day off sick. then we had a scrapping weekend here at my place this weekend and my kids went to her place to stay the night and then she rang me on Monday morning and said the 2 kids were throwing up, high temps and headaches. Oh no!!!!! I thought. Then she rang at 2 o'clock and said she was taking Emily to the hospital. Suspected meningicocol. Oh no!!!!!!!!. Anyway she is fine and came home today but Chloe is also sick with high temps and both bronwyn and david and the kids are having the rest of the week off.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Cybercrop being held tonight

Hi Ladies

The cybercrop will be commencing at 7.30pm and we will be posting the challenges here as the forum is not working at present for posting.

The bingo and chatting will be done in the chat room and if you have any question about the challenges then you can post them in here in the comments.

If you have not already done your bingo could you please email me your list at

The timetable will hopefully be like this.

7.30pm start
8.00pm first challenge
8.20pm first game of bingo in the chat room
8.45pm challenge 2
9.00pm second game of bingo in the chat room
9.20pm challenge 3

It all depends on my typing skills tonight.

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Design Team Members

Hi Everyone

I know I have been a bad blogger and so much has happened over the last couple of months both personally and with the shop so I am going to do separate posts.

Firstly I would love to welcome two fabulous girls to the Divas Design Team.

Jode Punguika from NT

and Rachel Merrick from QLD

Already they have bought so much fun and excitement to the forum and site and together with Vicky will be getting the Divas Shop up there with the best.

Last week we got some of the new Autumn Leaves stamps in so go check them out here. Also the other new products for June.


This month's layout competition is a single/double layout of either your school photos or your children's school photos. We have just got ours back. I would also like you to incorporate some piece of art work that they have done. that may mean scanning the art work to your computer and then printing it out. The entries need to uploaded to the gallery by Midnight 30th June to be in the running for $20.00 Diva Dollars.

We have also got a ric rac swap happening and all sorts of new challenges which can be checked out HERE.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

We are back

Hello Everyone
Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their patience over the last 7 or so days while the site has been down but it is now up and running and we are ready for our first ever Cybercrop.
The Divas Cybercrop is to be held this Friday 23rd March from 7.30pm. All you need to do is to register on the forum here that you wish to participate on Friday night. We will also have a prize if you register and bring a friend as well. All the details in relation to the cybercrop are posted on the forum.
There will be 3 challenges during the night which will need to be completed and uploaded to the gallery by Midnight on Sunday 26th March. So there is no pressure to get them done on the night. Vicky has already posted hints in the forum in relation to the challenges.The winner of the third challenge will be the Divas Guest Designer for the month of May and this will include receiving a pack of goodies to complete some layouts and also to set the challenges for that month.
There will also be bingo which will be run in the chat room which is on the site. All you need to do is log on and enjoy the chat. Vicky has posted the bingo list of 35 products which you choose from and let her know what your selection is. Once you have selected your bingo products then you can print them out and be ready for Friday night.I will also be conducting a STOREWIDE 15% OFF SALE ON FRIDAY NIGHT ,from 7.30pm till midnight, for those participating in the cybercrop. A special shopping discount code will be made available to participants on the night. So come along and grab yourself some great bargains and also don't forget if you spend over $50.00 not only is the postage FREE in Australia but you will go into the draw to win the Making Memories Tote Bag. So for every $50.00 spent you will receive a ticket in the draw.
So come on register now for this great night of fun, bingo, chatting and probably not much scrapping.Due to the downtime experienced these last 7 days the draw to win the Making Memories Tote Bag has been extended and will close midnight on Wednesday 11th April 2007.We have some great new products in store at the moment with more on the way in coming weeks.So I look forward to chatting to you all at the Cybercrop and if there is anything that you need or wish to ask just email me and I am more than happy to assist.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well the new Basic Grey papers are only a day or two away so to make way for the new ranges we have to have an out with the old to make way for the new.
So there is 40% off most patterned paper and if you go HERE you will see what is on offer.
I also have 30% off all christmas stock as well.

Vicky has been busy creating some layouts from the LOVE packs for the month of February.

Our birthday anniversary is only a week and a bit away, so keep watching.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well the sale went well. Thankyou to everyone that bought and all those that spent over $30.00 will go into the draw for 20 Diva Dollars as Diva shopper of the month.

Arriving next week is the new BASIC GREY patterened papers. There will be only limited stock so make sure you come and check them out.

Well more dramas today with Taylah. Went to school everything was fine. Did my two hours and then spoke with the other teachers aide only to find that there is no program for the boy that I am aiding. A big shock to me. I think I will need to speak to one of the other teachers about getting some aids etc. Home for about an hour a customer came and picked up her order and the phone rang. It was the school and Taylah is not feeling very well and cannot continue in class this afternoon. Ok I will come and pick her up.
got the sick note to sign her out and went to the teacher and she was fuming (but in a nice way). Bob has been off nearly all week and little did I know that she had just gone home sick as well. Funny that. Mrs Oliver taylah's teacher said no she was not sick and that she shouldn't go home. I stayed in the class and mrs oliver spoke with taylah but she was crying and said she didn't feel well and wanted to go home.

What I am going to do. I can't write anymore cause I am too upset. Will be back later.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007



well I had a very relaxing weekend in sydney with my best bud JO. will upload some photos later. we went on a seafood buffet lunch harbour cruise on sydney harbour. I get motion sickness so was a bit worried but everything was fine. the weather was beautiful and sydney harbour well what can you say in all its glory with the harbour bridge and opera house. we then headed back up to the shops and did a bit of window shopping and then our feet couldn't carry us any further went back to our hotel at hyde park called Hotel Stellar, very noice and got ready for our evening out.
IL DIVO what 4 spunks they are and magnificent voices but the only thing was they only sang 2 songs in english but it was still nice and relaxing and then when we left the entertainment centre we saw Taylah's school teacher. her ears must have been burning and she said that she thought she had seen me earlier on. All Jo and I did was talk about Taylah and what has been going on with her. more of that later. so we didn't do anything after the concert. we are such old fuddy duddies. the next morning had breaky at a cafe in oxford street and then headed back to Jo's place and then I headed home to Newcastle via IKEA. OMG what a store, if you ever get the chance to go, stop and go there it is massive. It takes about 1 1/2 hours just to walk around it. then I drove home to pick up the kidlets.

I started my job on monday and what an experience the last 2 days have been. Being back in the classroom again. the boy I am working with is a very nice young man but needs lots of help. but some of the boys in this class. well I don't know how to describe them and I just can't believe that they do what they do and get away with it or someone else gets the blame. I am just so into this bullying stuff and tomorrow I am going to get a copy of the behaviour and bullying policies of the school. but hopefully from thursday I will be working one on one with this boy away from the classroom.

Well taylah. This morning chucked the biggest tantrum about going to school and how she was sick and didn't want to go and that I could take her home after I had finished work at 11. this went on for 1/2 hour and I thought I am going to be late for my second day. I don't know how I got her to get dressed but I did and then when I finished work she saw me and expected then to be coming home with me.
I just don't know what to do with her anymore. this is what was happening when I was working before but hopefully I will be able to get away from the school without her knowing that I have gone.
Taylah has basically told me that she only wants to play with BOB and I can't make her play with other kids. Bob has not been at school for the last day and a half and taylah has been different of an afternoon. more happier. maybe it is just me. but today I asked her who she played with and she said that she played with O and J and they went to the library but A said "don't touch me". I have seen over the last 2 days how cruel kids can be to each other and it really worries, scares and upsets me.
I also said yesterday did the other kids tell you who you could play with and what you could and couldn't do and she said no mummy but Bob lets me go and get a drink. I wish there was more I could do for her and I suppose the only thing I really can do is build her self esteem and confidence. I am constantly worrying about her and poor Maddison she is just beautiful and is enjoying school I think like everyone should be enjoying it. I worry about bullying and I worry about what the school that they go to and I now work at does about the bullying.

so I will soldier on and see what happens.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Well I am off to Sydney tomorrow for a girly weekend with my girlfriend. We are cruising sydney harbour tomorrow at lunch and then shopping or sleeping and then going to the IL DIVO concert and then more shopping or sleeping on Sunday. So I am excited just to be getting away.

I start my new job on Monday and I am very nervous about it and I know all the other mums are going to be giving me heaps on Monday.

I am still concerned about Taylah and she is telling me this afternoon that she just wants to play with BOB and noone else even though this afternoon when they came out of class Bob hurt both my girls. I will just see what happens. but I still worry that she is controlling.

Have a good weekend everyone

Thursday, February 08, 2007


just an update, I didn't get the job that I really wanted. They rang last night and said that "I was right up there".

Had a chat to Taylah last night and I think she understands a bit better. I think she is too scared at what BOB is going to do to her or say to her when she starts standing up for herself. the mother of the other child rang last night as she thought that she had done or said something wrong to me but I assured her she didn't and that I had other things on my mind and was waiting to hear about the job.
anyway taylah was quiet happy to show me this morning where she was sitting at her new table.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's happening

Well lots have been happening since my last post.

New website, my baby went off to school and I am still looking for a part time job.


Well the website is working just fantastically and I would like to thank Greg for all his help and patience.

To kick off the new website we are having some competitions and sales and introducing Vicky Crawford from Victoria who is the first member of the Divas Design Team. Welcome aboard Vicky. You can check out her blog in my side bar.

35% off all christmas products and 30% off patterned paper.

Enter our layout competition for February with the theme of LOVE and be in the running for 25 Diva Dollars and THE DIVA SHOPPER of the month, just spend $30.00 or more in the month of February and you will go in the draw to win 20 Diva Dollars.

All information can be found on the site.

Also we want more people to come and visit our forum and gallery so pop on over and come and say hi.

My baby girl Maddison went off to school last week and she loves it.

She is just so much more confident than her sister and that is another story. Maddison won her first award on Monday at the first school assembly and came out with a smile from ear to ear. Taylah is a different story. She has a friend we will call BOB and she is so dependent on Bob that I am very worried. She also had another friend and last year they formed a "cool girls team" but if you wanted to play with someone else or doing anything else that they didn't want to do then you would not be a part of the "team". she also was being told "I am more beautiful than you".

This is Taylah last year not exactly the ugly duckling. so Bill is in her class and the other girl is not but she is just so clingy to Bill that I need to do something about it. So I went and saw the teacher yesterday who is new to the school and she was very glad that I came to see her. I just want taylah to be less dependent on her and be able to do what she wants without fearing that Bill is not going to be her friend. They were also sitting together in class and I asked that they be moved. The teacher told me she was going to implement a social skills course for the class which I thought was fantastic. she said that she will keep an eye on things. I felt pretty good about it all until taylah came home from school yesterday. "mum you told Mrs Oliver that I couldn't play with Bill anymore" and "mrs Oliver told me I wasn't allowed to play with Bill anymore". So that just sent me into more turmoil. She put on a tantrum this morning before going to school and I smacked her on the bare leg and left a mark and I spoke briefly with the teacher this morning about what she had said and she said Oh no, that she would have a talk to her about it. so I don't know what the outcome of that was today, but I have been feeling not very good about myself today, especially after smacking her and seeing her standing in her line at school and not even looking at Bill and I have not heard about a job as a Chiropractic Assistant that I think would be fantastic that I applied for and went to an information night on Monday night.

So all in all today has been crappy. Hope tomorrow brings some good news.

Friday, January 26, 2007

New website

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to let you know that the website is up and running as of about 10.30pm last night. And wasn't I a happy girl. I will post again later with all the exciting news. There are a few changes that are happening in the forum and gallery but hopefully they will be ironed out by tomorrow.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Website update 5

Well hopefully I am only hours away from reopening. the last 3 days have been frustrating trying to get one thing done that I thought was simple but it is very important for security of the site. Dealing with people in other countries can be frustrating and the red tape that I have gone through and the emails and phone calls had me at breaking point today. I have sat up the last couple of nights till midnight waiting for replys only to be told that the information was still not correct. At 3pm this afternoon it was finally fixed. I have been looking after my 2 nieces plus my two girls today and I am sure when they are arrived they wanted to go somewhere else cause I was not in the mood for anyone or anything.
But now I feel like we may get back online tonight or tomorrow morning. so thankyou for hanging in there with me and remind me that I am not going to do this again for quiet some time.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Website update 4

Well last Thursday I was really ready to just chuck the whole thing in. I have been doing this now since I bought the site and all I have done is worry about the site and how it is functioning instead of worrying about the business. I was so frustrated and upset that I really considered giving it away. but we are back on track and I am really happy about how everything looks. I just need to check a few things and we should be back operating in a few days. I have lots of exciting news and great new things in store for the website.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Gosh 2 posts in one day.

Urban Lily is being sold at Spotlight. I have just seen the catalogue and my sister was there this afternoon and rang me from the store.

What do you think????

Website update 3

Well after I did the last post things went slowly down hill from there. After spending hours of my time trying to look for the answers to my questions on the oscommerce website I was just about to chuck the computer out the window.
I sent Greg the programmer message after message about fixing certain things as I don't know anything about PHP or mysql and that is how you have to fix most things in oscommerce not through the admin area. I was getting so frustrated with the whole thing and I told Greg how frustrated I was at the whole thing and wish that I had more knowledge about PHP so that I could do the fixes myself. When we were looking at putting Zen cart in I found this to be more user friendly and things could be fixed in the admin area which I could do without bothering Greg. So I told Greg this and the email came back would you prefer to install Zen cart. I couldn't believe it. After all the hours that he had put in I couldn't ask him to do this. But he did and wow what a difference.
He didn't think at first he would be able to import all the customers and products over due to the errors from the old cart but he tried and this morning I have an operational shopping cart. I spoke with Greg last night and he was stoaked that it was so much easier than oscommerce. I felt so much better when he said that as he has been working through the nights on this and going to work during the day.
So this morning I have been testing everything and everything seems GREAT.
I feel 100% better know and there is light at the end of the tunnel. And there have only been a couple of things that I have been unable to fix myself. So I am happy about that.

So shouln't be too much longer.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Website update no 2

Well earlier this morning I thought I was going to chuck it all in and I think my programmer Greg was ready to do it too. I don't know how to thank him enough for what he is doing.
Anyway thought we would have to manually upload 700 odd products and hundreds of customers but he saved the day and now we are in the testing mode. Just realised at 10.30 pm at night that there are no prices on the products so can't test the shopping cart etc. sitting here waiting. so hopefully won't be too much longer.

hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Website update

Gosh two posts within 10 hours of each other.

the email is finally working for the website and I have changed it to More personal I think.
Will be having some more late nights from tonight and probably working on it over the weekend, in between seeing my sister and having a family get together for my 3 year old nieces birthday.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year & New Website

Well Happy New Year everyone.

We had a great christmas and a fun start to the new year and have been doing lots of things with the kids in the holidays.
The kids were spoilt at christmas time but a couple of days later were looking for things to do and play with. What is it with that.
Lots of swimming being done in the pool and a couple of birthday parties as well. I haven't started my babysitting duties for these holidays as yet but that is to come next week.
The girls have been doing intensive swimming lessons this week and are going to continue next week as well. I can definitely see the improvement already. Maddison about 6 weeks ago was getting around the pool with a ring floatie on as she was scared and it wasn't until mummy went in the pool a few weeks before xmas that I enticed her to take it off and she has been a little fish ever since or should I say a mermaid. She is doing backstroke like she has been doing it forever.
we also went shopping and bought the new school shoes for Maddison and the new lunchboxes and a couple of exercise books and they both had to have foolscap folders even though either of them will not be using them in young starters and Year 1. So we got a Bratz folder for Taylah and a Tinkerbell for Maddison. All that is left really is to get a painting shirt and some more white socks. Do your white socks always go missing????.

Today we went to Nelson Bay. What a beautiful day here in Newcastle and it was pretty hot. It was a lot nicer up the Bay than it was at home. My girlfriend Jo and her hubby Stuart and two boys were visiting from Sydney, so we went up for the day. We had a great time at the beach and the kids loved it. My girlfriend Jo surprised me the other day when she rang and asked would I be interested in going with her to see Il Divo (who are they you might ask, cause I did, they are the 5 guys that sing) with her in sydney for the weekend plus a harbour cruise on sunday. well I said I couldn't afford it and she said that her hubby had bought her tickets for xmas for her and a friend. And I just happened to be the friend. What a great friend she is and we have known each other since year 9 at school. So I am off to sydney for the weekend in February and will be back on sunday night. Looking forward to it.

Well tomorrow we are off to swimming lessons, out for lunch, having some friends over for a swim in the arvo and probably a visit from my sister in Sydney and my soon to be 3 year old niece. So busy day.


Well the sale went great guns and was very successful. I would like to thank all of you for contributing to the success.

The other news is the website is currently down while we build a new one. Yes a new one from scratch. So many bugs and errors and gremlins in the old one that it was not worth even trying to fix. So we shut down on monday and thought that we would get the email side of things working first and it is still not working tonight. there was a bug on the server that has now been fixed and we thought it was working but doesn't want to do it. So if you want to contact me try emailing me here.

So I thought that we would have the site up and running in a week but it doesn't look like it as we haven't even started on the site as yet. So it just keeps going on and on and I wonder whether it will ever stop so that I can concentrate on the things that I am suppose to be concentrating on like growing the business.

Anyway I will keep you up to date from today on what is happening. Thankyou for being patient that is if anyone is even reading this.